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Why is Kickboxing a Good Workout?

Why Is Kickboxing a Good Workout? thumbnail

Kickboxing workouts increase strength and  flexibility.

Kickboxing provides  a fast-paced, cardio-intensive, total body workout that tones flab and  strengthens muscles. While enjoying fast-paced, upbeat music, you’ll be  punching, kicking and jabbing your way to better health. You just might learn a  little self-defense along the way.

  1. Class Format

    • Kickboxing combines boxing with martial arts. Instructors generally employ a  series of punches, such as jabbing, upper-cuts and hooks mixed with round-house,  push and side kicks moves. Performing these moves with intensity and accuracy,  the entire body becomes strengthened. The arms and core–or abdominal—regions  are targeted during punching. The legs and glutes are tightened through kicks,  lunges and squats.  You  can burn 590 to 863 calories  in a one-hour kickboxing workout.


    • While kickboxing is a good way to burn calories and get fit, it isn’t for the  faint of heart. See a doctor before beginning a class. Working up to this type  of workout may be necessary. Kickboxing classes require great endurance, but  don’t let this intimidate you. Most instructors are cognitive of beginners and  will offer suggestions to help you ease into the full  workout. 


    • Kickboxing originated from the Thailand martial art of Muay Thai Boxing, dating  back as far as the 1300s. The Japanese are credited with the invention of  modern-day kickboxing as they blended Muay Thai with the martial art of Karate.  However, kickboxing as a fitness alternative did not take hold until the early  1990s. The constant-motion class was developed to provide another option to  aerobic exercise regimens.


    • Don’t let the name fool you. Kickboxing fitness classes should not be  confused with the martial art of kickboxing. The fitness classes do not require  any sparring or contact. You will not wear the traditional “gi” or earn belts.  The classes do not guarantee that you will teach any self-defense. The moves you  learn are primarily self-defense tactics, such as punching, kicking and  blocking. However, the instructors are usually licensed for fitness, not martial  arts.


    • Kickboxing for fitness can significantly reduce stress. The martial arts used  in kickboxing require concentration and focus, which relieves frustration, while  the kicks and punches loosen nerves and help release anger. Kickboxing also  enhances coordination and balance. These are key to staying fit as you age.  Since your body is in motion for about an hour, the heart benefits from a strong  cardiovascular workout and your lung capacity increased through deep and heavy  breathing. Kickboxing is an energizing way to effectively reach and maintain  your weight goals.

    Getting Started

    • Check out a few classes to find the right one. Wear loose, comfortable  clothing and tennis shoes. Cross-trainers work well for this type of program.  Keep a towel handy and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is key to any  successful workout. Kickboxing is a good way to tone your body and lead a  healthier  lifestyle.  ~ by Kay Curtis eHow Contributor