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Pole Dancing Fitness Benefits

With the release of the Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2010 specialty exercise classes are a big growth area for the fitness industry. One of the biggest growth classes in this field is Pole Dancing which combines many of the attributes of a regular exercise with the added benefit of being fun.
Pole dancing has been around for many years starting around the 1920’s or the time of the Great Depression where dance performers initiated a pole into their routines, however more recently the dance has often been used in Gentlemen’s or strip clubs. Pole Dancing is now recognized as a true form of exercise training has toned down the sex appeal with the exercise providing many attributes of fitness. The growth is so large that the industry is currently developing qualified trainers to meet this growing demand.

Pole dancing exercise is a fun and sexy exercise that offers aerobic and anaerobic benefits to its participants. It helps with building muscle strength, aids the flexibility of your body and is a great weight loss exercise activity. A lot of the news members have found that they have gained in self confidence and awareness from participating in this exercise.
The aerobic fitness benefits gained from pole dancing are a burn of up to 250 calories per hour which is consistent with other mainstream classes including aerobics. Performing this type of exercise regularly will strip that unwanted fat away quick smart and help tone your body to have you looking and feeling great.
The anaerobic fitness benefits that are gained from pole dancing include:

  • The building up of core stability which will help you with toning your abs
  • The increase in upper body strength which is constantly being used to hold your bodyweight off of the ground.
  • It tones your shoulders, arms, legs (calves and thighs) and helps with the removal of fat from around the buttox.
  • Helps to improve the overall coordination and flexibility.

Pole dancing has found to also build the confidence of its participants.
Pole Dancing attire may include a small pair of hot pants and sexy outfits which will depend on your gym instructors, however bare legs are essential as part of the exercise requires the gripping of the pole by your legs.

Pole dancing is a fun sexy exercise class to attend. Not only do you receive a terrific fitness workout that trims the fat on your abs, shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and bottom. The training improves your strength, confidence, body awareness, flexibility, posture and is a new skill that you can show off at parties, or in the seclusion of your home with your partner. So check out your local gyms to see which are offering pole dancing classes. It may be the inspiration you are looking for to lose those calories stacked on during the holidays.   ~

Currently Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness is the only studio in Medicine Hat that offers Pole Fitness/Pole Dance and Burlesque classes!  We also offer private group bookings for Stagettes, Girls Night Out or Birthdays, where you get one hour in the studio with your friends and learn the art of Pole Dance before you head out on the town!