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How Kickboxing Combined with Cross Training Can Transform Your Workout

To keep a workout fun and worthwhile it’s good to mix things up and one way to do that could be through kickboxing. Doing the same workout week after week can get boring, but if you start throwing in some kicks and punches you may begin to see fresh results and feel a new invigorating energy. Adding kickboxing to a workout gives it a new, dynamic twist. Combine kickboxing with cross training by adding in TRX, Kettlebells, Chin ups, Box Jumps, Battle ropes, Climbing Ropes and sandbag training and you have a unique and challenging workout that is never the same!

The benefits to taking on such a workout are plentiful and worth the sweaty aches. Kickboxing can transform your workout and lead to further toning of your body and an increasing of endurance. Those two things are what everyone wants from a good workout. And you can still get a great workout without the physical contact of sparring. Let’s explore how kickboxing can do this.


Kickboxing is defined as the fighting technique of combining karate-type kicks with the punching of boxing. Both karate and boxing on their own are vigorous workouts, but the combination of them gives you the ability to workout both your upper and lower body. In addition, it takes stamina to get through a good kickboxing workout. Because of this, the cardio aspect to your workout will be covered.


The first transformational benefit you would see from adding kickboxing is through stretching. Most people do some stretching, but stretching without purpose can be done carelessly and even skipped. However, with kickboxing it is a necessity. Because you will be kicking and doing movements that you haven’t done before, it could lead to muscle stress. However, by starting with 15 minutes of stretching and warm-up exercises you will get more out of your muscles and…workout.

The Basics

There are some basics you can do in order to begin seeing the transformation results. The basics include punching, kicking and core training.


The punching part of the workout will include using heavy bags, ground & pound MMA floor bags or and focus pads. The art of performing this aspect of the workout properly is through a combination of punches. The quick jab and hook punch are the combination that will give you the ability to tone the upper arms, shoulders and chest. Performing these combinations over a two to five minute span of time will also get your heart pumping. This is done by increasing the speed and length of time performing these punches.


There are three primary kicks to start out with; they are front, side and roundhouse kicks. The best place to start is just kicking at nothing. Stretching will help increase your kicking range. Eventually, you can work up to kicking the bag, pads or punching dummy. The leg muscles will quickly get toned because the entire leg will be used through the aspects of maintaining a strong balance and stance while performing multiple sets of kicks.

Core Training

The core of your body, which includes the abs and lower back muscles, will get an unintentional workout just by performing the punching and kicking training. However, a full kickboxing workout should include strengthening the abdominal and back muscles through such exercise as crunches and side bends. Building the core will help your movements get better and grow your stamina, as well as tone your body.

Each aspect will work the major muscles of the body. The combination of using the muscles in such a quick manner tones as well as develops an endurance that can speed up the metabolism. It won’t take long to see the benefits of this body transforming workout. By adding in other elements of cross training will further develop a strong lean body and amazing core strength.

For more information on Kickboxing and cross training classes in Medicine Hat, contact Dana, the owner of the Kickboxing Studio 403-504-8953 or heartbreakerfitness@gmail.comman boxing



WOD…#kick #punch #cardio

WOD...#kick #punch #cardio

WOD…#kick #punch #cardio

Fit & Fab Over 50!

A Few Of The Fit & Fab Ladies Tonight! Congratulations Ladies…WOW! Esther Landed Herself A 15 lb Kettlebell for “All Around The World” Segment! WTG! #greatform #determined #focused

Congratulations Ladies...WOW!

Congratulations Ladies…WOW!

Fit and Fab Over 50!

Wow…Terrific Progress On Your Planking Jan and Michelle!

Wow...Terrific Progress On Your Planking Ladies!

Wow…Terrific Progress On Your Planking Ladies!

#planks #squats #deadlifts #toetouches

Come and Join Us For A Low Impact, Fun, Motivating, Supportive and a Friendly Group Workout!
We All Have The Ability To Become Stronger, Leaner and More Flexible No Matter What Your Age!

“BRING A FRIEND” – Fitness Is Great With A Friend…Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays at 05:00 p.m.

TKO Cardio Thursday…

Fit and Fab Ladies Rocked it Tonight!

Fit and Fab Ladies Rocked it Tonight!

TONE UP TUESDAYS! #goals #plans #results

"Tone Up Tuesdays"

“Tone Up Tuesdays”

50 Reasons To Exercise


Be Fit! Have Fun! Feel Fabulous!

group outside

I know I know – who wants to think about Fall when summer isn’t even half way over, BUT it may be worth planning ahead as we have some great programs you don’t want to miss!!

This is a fitness and nutrition program designed specifically for teens ages 13-17 to teach and to inspire the development of a positive and healthy body image! Teens will participate in fitness classes, learning about proper form in using equipment to learning the basics of kickboxing in class formats that are super fun yet challenging. Teens will also learn about their Body Mass Index, what healthy eating looks like and showing them ways to look and feel their best! It’s all about being healthy and fit! It’s not about skinny! Classes run from 4:00pm – 5:00 pm – Tuesdays & Thursdays. This program starts Oct 1! Register before Sept 1 and get 15% off! Limited spots available to ensure these teens get our full attention! For more information or to register, please contact Dana at 403-504-8953 or by email:

Fit & FAB OVER 50 with Nutrition!
Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your best! For the past 2 years, running low to medium impact fitness classes for women over 50, we are now offering it with nutrition! Coming this Fall we will teach women over 50 how to eat clean and healthy, what their calorie intake should be based on their age, their weight, their height and their fitness level! How women can fire up their metabolism to burn fat and gain more energy! This program starts Oct 1, however the fitness classes are available until then. Classes run M, T, W & Th from 5:00 – 5:45. (Wed’s are nutrition classes! Register before Sept 1 and get 15% off! Limited spots are available to ensure these women get our full attention! for more information or to register, please contact Dana at 403-504-8953 or by email:

Trying to squeeze in a workout into your day? We have some great noon hour classes running from 12:10-12:50, including sweat free workouts to focus on building muscle definition and kickboxing + cross training workouts that are super fun, and super challenging using an array of the latest equipment! Come check us out in the Kickboxing Studio – the hidden gem of a studio located in the back alley of Heartbreaker!

Yummy Mommy is coming back! These are 9:30am classes M, W & F for moms and their babies! Moms can come and work out with their babies in the room – as long as the babies are not mobile. Childcare is available for toddlers. These are fun classes consisting of kickboxing, cross training, and so much more! Please contact Dana for more information or to register!

YES! We have classes just for the guys! They are challenging and different all the time – from kettlebells, kickboxing, cross training, TRX suspension training, weights, and so much more! If guys are looking for something different in a workout that will increase strength and endurance, these classes are it! Not sure? Give us a try for a week and see for yourself!

For the ultimate in super fun and super challenging classes unlike anything you get anywhere else, these classes are it! You will burn a ton of calories while learning to use heavy bags, ground and pound MMA bags, Focus pad training, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension training, RIP Trainers, weights and so much more!! These classes fill quickly so if you are interested, you will need to register as soon as possible. These classes run M-Th 6:15pm

Are you a women with Dangerous Curves? Do you feel intimidated going to the gym? Then this class is just for you! These are low to medium impact classes designed to make the plus size women gain confidence working out! If this is you, give Dana a call to get started today!

If one-on-one is more your style for working out, contact Dana to see availability for personal training sessions. Book and pay for 10 sessions up front and get 3 extra sessions free PLUS a nutrition session! You will get a variety of workouts from kickboxing, kettlebells, TRX suspension, weights and so much more! Call and ask for Dana direct at 403-504-8953 or email

How to Accelerate Muscle Recovery

It is essential to accelerate muscle recovery for a number of reasons. In order to get back into your fitness routine, incorporating a few healing techniques for sore muscles is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting a fitness routine, giving the muscle time to repair itself is imperative to muscle recovery, which can affect your ability to exercise or train on a regular basis. No matter what your fitness level, you’ll be able to get back on track with your exercise routine by following these tips.

Start the day right, by having an egg white omelet in the morning. Egg whites have a solid amount of lean protein, which helps repair muscles and tissue within the muscles.

Eat low-fat peanut butter and celery sticks for a snack. The low fat peanut butter makes you feel satiated so you eat less the entire day.

Grab a low fat chicken fajita or a can of tuna in spring water for lunch. Eat this with whole grain crackers and low fat cheese; both have plenty of protein.

Prepare any type of beans you prefer for dinner. Soybeans, kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans are all great choices of lean proteins. Sprinkle with olives, salsa, and low-fat sour cream to add even more flavor.

Take a Rest to Restore Muscles

Allow your muscles enough time to recover from a strenuous workout, especially if you just started a fitness routine. Failing to take a well-needed rest for a day or two can result in muscle tears, which will make muscle recovery time even longer and may result in an ongoing injury.

Apply cold and hot compresses to sore, achy muscles. The heat works to alleviate pain, while the cold temperature helps to reduce swelling and inflammation of the muscles.

Exercise parts of the body that are not sore. For instance, if you did lunges and squats and it hurts to sit down, exercise your arms instead. Perform various bicep and tricep exercises with weights, to tighten and tone the muscles in the arms.

Stretch the Muscles Thoroughly

Stretch the muscles that are sore. For instance, if your legs become increasingly sore after exercise, make sure you stretch these muscles thoroughly.

Hold each stretch for a minimum of 10 seconds. Start out with shallow stretches and gradually increase the deepness of the stretch on each repetition.

Repeat this same stretching exercise on the other leg. Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions on each leg. Failure to stretch muscles after an intense workout leads to sore muscles and increases the likeliness of pulled muscles.

While you may not experience muscle soreness immediately after a workout, you may notice it a day or two later. Scientists believe that this swelling and stiffness is caused by biochemical changes within the body, which increase nerve sensitivity and leads to sore muscles. The muscles will experience soreness later.

When stretching it is important only to go as far as what is comfortable for you. As soon as you begin to feel any form of discomfort, stop and take it back to starting position. Stretching too deeply can result in torn ligaments. Use slow and controlled movements to prevent this from occurring.

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Dana is the owner of the Kickboxing Studio located within Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness and home to specialized classes like kickboxing, cross training, women over 50, plus size ladies, 30 Day Challenges and Men’s MXC. For a free personalized fitness consultation, please call Dana 403-504-8953 or email

30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Wow…Feeling Energized…Like I Can Take On The World! A Mix of 30 Day Challengers and Fit & Fab Over 50! Great Workout Dana! I definitely needed that after holidays! LOL…

30 Day Challenge - Day 1

30 Day Challenge – Day 1

30 Day2

30 Day3