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When Someone You Care About Tells You They Are Sick

This is a more personal blog but one that weighs on my mind right now, as a good friend confided in me that they are “sick” and have a few obstacles to overcome. I know many people have gone through this sort of news with loved ones, friends or aquaintances, and the shock such news can bring on can be unnerving and heartbreaking.

Sometimes it’s difficult to even know what to say or what to do in times like these. However the most important thing I think we can do – is to let them know that we will support them in whatever way they need and to ask them “What can I do to help?”

I believe having a positive mind is powerful in recovery, keeping active, and eating healthy, however, I don’t ever want to trivialize what a person is going though and know that when tough times for them are yet to come, they are going to have personal battles of worry and perhaps even feelings of depression. In times like these – when we feel “helpless”, I think we need to realize that they told us in the first place because they knew it was important for us to know, they want and need our support and that sometimes even a just a hug or telling them that we are thinking about them – can be exacty what they need!


Kickboxing Studio Schedule…(New for May and June)

Updated Class Schedule for May & June!

Updated Class Schedule for May & June!

Kickboxing Studio Schedule…(New for May and June)

Updated Class Schedule for May & June!

Updated Class Schedule for May & June!

Dangerous Curves – The Program


A Change Can Do You Some Good – by Trevor Moore

(Last September Trevor wrote this article when he first started working out with me. It is so passionate about his re-start of getting back into fitness and how it also relates to other aspects of what we do – in this case – your Golf Game! And with Golf Season just starting up – this is the perfect time to add it to my blog! So for all you avid Golfers or Beginner Level Golfers – here is a little inspiration and that fitness and golf really do go hand in hand!)
As I found myself gasping for air at the top of the Kin Coulee toboggan hill this week, I realized I had found just the thing I needed.

To say my personal exercise routines had gotten boring and lacked enthusiasm would be an understatement. This lack of interest and personal motivation had led me to simply spin my wheels until ultimately I ended up taking my foot off the gas altogether. I was no longer progressing and quite honestly I began regressing.

Cue the fateful moment when I came across a tweet on my twitter feed from Dana Gackle, co-owner of Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness here in Medicine Hat. She was inviting people to meet her this week at the park for an outdoor obstacle course workout.

It sounded interesting and the thought of being outside in a different environment, with different people, doing different things, immediately gave me a familiar old feeling in my soul. I was now ready to dive back in and get to it with the same energy and passion I once had…I had butterflies again.

The moment I replied to inform Gackle I would attend, I began to feel better and more excited about things. I had not even done the work out yet, but just the thought alone of doing something new and exciting had rekindled my spirit and interest.

The workout was incredibly simple and used very little in the way of equipment or supplies. Much of the workout was based on the things found around us, from stairs and hills, picnic tables, cliffs and sand volleyball courts. There were no high tech gadgets or gizmos and the entire workout seemed to focus on keeping things simple, fresh and fun.

So why am I writing about this in a golf column?

Simple, the mundane workout scene I was stuck in is eerily similar to the practice and playing strategies used by golfers everywhere. Many people play and practice at the same course with the same people all the time, and continuing this way will lead them to the same rut I was in with my workouts. Progression is limited when this happens and at times things may get worse rather than better.

From a golfer’s perspective, I challenge you – as Gackle did to me – to get out and try a new golf course, a new driving range, a few new playing partners or a different playing format. The change doesn’t have to be long term or permanent, but just enough to reinvigorate you.

Doing things differently will spark new energy within you and challenge you in fresh ways. You will hit shots and clubs you don’t often hit, from places you don’t often see. You will begin to think your way around the course and attack the course more strategically.

Put a twist in your old golf routine, trust me you won’t regret it. Thanks for the challenge Dana.

Trevor Moore is a PGA of Canada professional and a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor with the Titleist Performance Institute. Based in Medicine Hat, he runs the Advantage Golf Academy at Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course, coaches the Medicine Hat College Rattlers golf teams, and is the lead instructor with Notre Dame Academy. For comments or questions, you can contact him via his website or follow him on Twitter @advantage_golf.

Women In Business – Inspire Award!

Inspire Award

So Excited for The Women In Business Spring Luncheon Today! Congratulations to Dana on her nomination for the “Inspire Award”! You truly Inspire Us All! The Best of Luck To You! Cheers!





WOW…Still sore from yesterday! We all made it through today’s noon class, me a few sweat droplets! Awesome Class! Thks Dana!

April Challenge!

Arms1Killer Abs

2 Sets of Each Done This Morning! Feeling everything after a Pushup/Squat Workout With Dana Yesterday and another workout later with Amy! How are you feeling?


Sexy Friday!