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With more and more people learning the importance of their own health and fitness, we see a huge influx of fitness studios and gyms popping up all over the place. The way we workout has really changed. More and more people than ever before are getting into running or joining a gym. Gone are the days of just going to a gym to lift weights – particularly for the guys! “Aerobics” classes are long gone and bootcamps, kickboxing classes, kettlebells and crossfit style workouts are how people workout these days. It keeps the workouts very challenging, interesting and even fun!

But with all this influx of fitness studios and gyms – it can be hard to decide where to go, whether to be loyal where you are at, or go to what seems like the bigger – the better gym mindset, or the latest craze. There are so many options. How do you chose? Really it comes down to what you want in a workout and maybe even who you know.

I personally do not own a big gym. I operate a small fitness studio. The only equipment here pertains to class formats for kickboxing like heavy bags, focus pads, kick shields and ground & pound MMA conditioning bags, plus kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX suspension, hand weights, chin up bar, rings, benches and matts. Equipment we use to create amazing class formats and circuits! And we offer some pretty kickass classes from beginner / intermediate to advanced classes.

Originally this studio was created for women only – until the women asked to bring their spouses to try a class to show them just how hard they workout. Soon the men wanted to join and co-ed classes and a class just for men has since been added. A lot has changed and evolved since this studio started over 7 years ago.

I personally bought into the studio over 2 years ago and to create my own niche in the market, I target specialized groups. I brought in Kickboxing for those who want something a little different than bootcamp, I brought in a class for moms and babies called Yummy Mommy. A class for plus size women called Dangerous Curves, a Sweat Free noon hour class, an all Men’s Extreme workout class, a class for women over 50, which is a low impact class called Fit & Fabulous Over 50, and most recently a co-ed teen kickboxing class targeting teens ages 13-17.

Having specialized classes is one thing that makes what I offer and do unique. I believe fitness is for everyone, but not everyone is at the same level. Some people find joining a gym at all to be very intimidating. So creating select groups and tailoring the workouts to those specific groups is what makes The Kickboxing Studio so different.

The second very important thing that makes this studio unique, that wasn’t part of “a plan”, happens to be how I have chosen to and have ALWAYS operated my business and has since became a huge asset to my members – is having a small studio! I get to know each and every member I have! I have built a fitness family here. People initially come to workout, but stay when they realize there is so much more! They have discovered some great networks of people in their workout classes and most importantly – friendships with like minded people. This has created a great support system! I can’t tell you what my members have done to step up and support great causes like Breast Cancer or the Heart & Stroke Foundation to name a few! Or how they support each other when someone has had a personal tradegy in their lives. My business is about the members and meeting their fitness needs and goals and providing a great service, but it is also about the people and walking into this studio and feeling comfortable and that you truly are part of a great fitness family! The studio walls are filled with pictures of our members working out and having fun! When I first started my business, I have been actively posting pictures of my members and their classes on Facebook and Twitter to showcase what it is they can do. I want them to feel proud of what they accomplish each and every day they come to class. I am grateful and proud to have such committed members!

And of course, I couldn’t do this without the help of some absolutely amazing instructors (special thanks to Amy, Nikki, Kambi, Shanna, TA, Christina, Stacey, Katie & Becci) and people who assist me in my day to day operations (Kim, Katie, Larissa), who are here every day for not only me but here to support “our” members. And to my partner Marla who is known for creating the first original Bikini Contest in Medicine Hat.

So I may not be the biggest studio out there, but by no means does that mean we aren’t great at what we do! We support our community in big ways through fundraisers, we team up with other community experts to support each other in developing and delivering the best services we can! I am proud of the excellent calibre of classes we run – with excellent instructors who have bought into how to teach these specialized classes and members who leave here feeling accomplished, dedicated and like part of a fitness family, who are ready to come back again and again and again!


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