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Get ready to Push, Pull and Burpee Your Way To SPARTAN WARRIOR FIT!

SPARTAN TRAINING Runs Thursdays at 7:15PM and outdoors on weekends! TAKING REGISTRATIONS NOW!

Whether or not you are training for an actual Spartan Race, you may be interested in the training. The workouts will consist of Push/Pull Exercises, Sandbag Training, Burpees, (Oh, I know you love those!), Stairs, Hills, Sprint and Endurance Training, Lifting, Carrying, Crawling and so much more – so it’s a great addition to your exisiting training!

Dana has competed in two Spartan Races so far and is registered for her 3rd race in August, and knows what kind of training will help you get through the race!

For more information or to register, please contact Dana 403-504-8953


How Kickboxing Combined with Cross Training Can Transform Your Workout

To keep a workout fun and worthwhile it’s good to mix things up and one way to do that could be through kickboxing. Doing the same workout week after week can get boring, but if you start throwing in some kicks and punches you may begin to see fresh results and feel a new invigorating energy. Adding kickboxing to a workout gives it a new, dynamic twist. Combine kickboxing with cross training by adding in TRX, Kettlebells, Chin ups, Box Jumps, Battle ropes, Climbing Ropes and sandbag training and you have a unique and challenging workout that is never the same!

The benefits to taking on such a workout are plentiful and worth the sweaty aches. Kickboxing can transform your workout and lead to further toning of your body and an increasing of endurance. Those two things are what everyone wants from a good workout. And you can still get a great workout without the physical contact of sparring. Let’s explore how kickboxing can do this.


Kickboxing is defined as the fighting technique of combining karate-type kicks with the punching of boxing. Both karate and boxing on their own are vigorous workouts, but the combination of them gives you the ability to workout both your upper and lower body. In addition, it takes stamina to get through a good kickboxing workout. Because of this, the cardio aspect to your workout will be covered.


The first transformational benefit you would see from adding kickboxing is through stretching. Most people do some stretching, but stretching without purpose can be done carelessly and even skipped. However, with kickboxing it is a necessity. Because you will be kicking and doing movements that you haven’t done before, it could lead to muscle stress. However, by starting with 15 minutes of stretching and warm-up exercises you will get more out of your muscles and…workout.

The Basics

There are some basics you can do in order to begin seeing the transformation results. The basics include punching, kicking and core training.


The punching part of the workout will include using heavy bags, ground & pound MMA floor bags or and focus pads. The art of performing this aspect of the workout properly is through a combination of punches. The quick jab and hook punch are the combination that will give you the ability to tone the upper arms, shoulders and chest. Performing these combinations over a two to five minute span of time will also get your heart pumping. This is done by increasing the speed and length of time performing these punches.


There are three primary kicks to start out with; they are front, side and roundhouse kicks. The best place to start is just kicking at nothing. Stretching will help increase your kicking range. Eventually, you can work up to kicking the bag, pads or punching dummy. The leg muscles will quickly get toned because the entire leg will be used through the aspects of maintaining a strong balance and stance while performing multiple sets of kicks.

Core Training

The core of your body, which includes the abs and lower back muscles, will get an unintentional workout just by performing the punching and kicking training. However, a full kickboxing workout should include strengthening the abdominal and back muscles through such exercise as crunches and side bends. Building the core will help your movements get better and grow your stamina, as well as tone your body.

Each aspect will work the major muscles of the body. The combination of using the muscles in such a quick manner tones as well as develops an endurance that can speed up the metabolism. It won’t take long to see the benefits of this body transforming workout. By adding in other elements of cross training will further develop a strong lean body and amazing core strength.

For more information on Kickboxing and cross training classes in Medicine Hat, contact Dana, the owner of the Kickboxing Studio 403-504-8953 or heartbreakerfitness@gmail.comman boxing

5:15/Fit & Fab Over 50 Crew

Taking Their Fitness To The Next Level Tonight! #battleropes #tbars #punchingbags #weightbars
#loadsofenergy #enthusiasm #challenging



#bunnyhops #burpees #mountainclimbers #pushups #planks #stillsmiling



WOD…#kick #punch #cardio

WOD...#kick #punch #cardio

WOD…#kick #punch #cardio

“GIRLS ON FIRE” – Teen Kickboxing/CrossTraining

“GIRLS ON FIRE” – #fun #fitness #healthy #gettingfit #teens

Well Done!


Fit & Fab Over 50!

A Few Of The Fit & Fab Ladies Tonight! Congratulations Ladies…WOW! Esther Landed Herself A 15 lb Kettlebell for “All Around The World” Segment! WTG! #greatform #determined #focused

Congratulations Ladies...WOW!

Congratulations Ladies…WOW!

How to Get Ripped: Go From Average to Lean in 12 Weeks

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My Get Ripped Diet
When I started, I was already a fairly healthy eater. I had eliminated grains from my diet because of a gluten sensitivity and decided to try to remove most dairy, too, because of a childhood milk allergy. So I was left with fruit, vegetables, lean meats, legumes, tubers, and healthy fats like nuts and avocado. I decided that since I was building muscle, I should focus on lots of protein and veggies, so I made that the central focus of each meal. Here was my daily plan:
Meal 1 – 2 eggs + lean meat + starchy carb + fruit
Meal 2 – protein shake with protein + fruit + leafy green vegetable + healthy fat
Meal 3 – lean meat + veggie or legume + veggie
Meal 4 – lean meat + veggie or legume + veggie
Meal 5 – protein + healthy fat
So here is what a typical day looked like:
Meal 1 (7am) – 2 egg omelet with seasoned ground turkey, bell peppers, 1/2 sweet potato, and apple slices
Meal 2 (12pm, post-workout) — protein shake with whey (I have since eliminated whey powder, read why here), 1/2 cup frozen fruit, 2T of flaxseed, 1 cup of baby spinach – here’s how to make a perfect healthy smoothie.
Meal 3 (2pm) – grilled chicken breast with alfalfa sprouts, bell pepper slices, avocado, tomato, and onion wrapped in 2 collard green leaves
Meal 4 (6pm) – salad w/ field greens, smoked salmon, red and green onion, red and green bell peppers, walnuts, cucumber, celery, balsamic vinegar/olive oil for dressing
Meal 5 (9pm) – steamed edamame or mixed nuts
Looking for your own healthy meal plan? Here’s a 4 week one I created for you.
Here were some guidelines I set up for myself:
alcohol was limited to social engagements only, and then red wine or clear liquor/soda was top choice
all fruit and carbohydrates consumed before 3pm (read more here about nutrient timing)
2.5-3L of water everyday (read more here about how much water you should be drinking)
organic and grass-fed foods whenever possible
“fun” or “cheat” meals once a week, or during social engagements, or when I felt like I needed one, not to exceed 1500 calories
avoid pasta, bread, grains, and cheese as much as possible (for reasons stated above)
no artificial sweeteners or sugar, besides a teaspoon of raw sugar or honey in my coffee
I followed these serving sizes
Addicted to diet sodas and artificial sweeteners? Here’s how to kick the habit.
For the most part if I followed this plan I didn’t have to count calories, just journaling for accountability.
My Workout to Get Ripped
Before this plan, I alternated traditional strength training and cardio at the gym 5 days a week. I found HIIT bodyweight workouts on YouTube one day when I couldn’t make it to the gym with a sick child, and after that day I never went back and have been working out at home ever since.
Read more here about HIIT training and why you should try it.
When you first start HIIT, 1 or 2 times per week is enough-it can be hard on your central nervous system and leave you with too much of a negative energy balance, which will stall your efforts and make you feel like crap. Sub another type of workout in the meantime until you can do it more often. Here is what my workout schedule looked like each week once I worked up to HIIT 3x a week:
Monday – 40 minutes of circuit training (full body strength training with 2 minute intervals of cardio, like jump rope, in between sets)
Tuesday – active rest day (walking, yoga, etc.)
Wednesday – HIIT workout – 12-20 minutes + 20 minutes of cardio (running or jump rope)
Thursday – cardio (run or jump rope) 30 minutes
Friday – HIIT workout – 12-20 minutes + 20 minutes of cardio (running, jump rope)
Saturday – active rest day (walking, yoga, etc)
Sunday – HIIT track and field workout, 30-40 min (combination of plyometrics, sprints, tire flips, broad jumps, stadium running, etc., completed at local high school track)
Everyday I also walked to pick up my children from school, about 1.5 miles.
I found my HIIT workouts through Zuzana Light, Nike Training Club and just using Google or YouTube to search. Here are more fitness apps that I like to use.
Are you working on these 7 fitness goals?
I’m Not Always “Ripped”
This is not a year-round plan for me. It’s a tool I use every so often to reach a goal, but it’s not my lifestyle. I use it before summer, I used it to get in shape for my wedding, or to get ready for a photoshoot. The rest of the year I’m much more flexible with what I eat and how often I eat, although the number one priority is always health. I am still in good shape, but with a little higher body fat percentage. I buckle down and follow these guidelines for 12 weeks to reach that goal for whatever reason, then I’m back to just eating whole foods and balance. (I do follow this exercise routine year-round but it’s because I really enjoy it.)

– From Coach Calorie

Take a look at the rest of my blog! For information about any of my classes – please contact Dana 403-504-8953 or
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Fit and Fab Over 50!

Wow…Terrific Progress On Your Planking Jan and Michelle!

Wow...Terrific Progress On Your Planking Ladies!

Wow…Terrific Progress On Your Planking Ladies!

#planks #squats #deadlifts #toetouches

Come and Join Us For A Low Impact, Fun, Motivating, Supportive and a Friendly Group Workout!
We All Have The Ability To Become Stronger, Leaner and More Flexible No Matter What Your Age!

“BRING A FRIEND” – Fitness Is Great With A Friend…Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays at 05:00 p.m.

Noon Hour Crew! Kicking Butt!

Noon Hour Crew!

Noon Hour Crew!

Released A lot Of Them Feel Good Endorphins Today! Dana Kicked Our Butts Today! Great Workout!

TKO Cardio Thursday…

Fit and Fab Ladies Rocked it Tonight!

Fit and Fab Ladies Rocked it Tonight!